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We Believe

In essential beliefs. we have unity. In non-essential beliefs, we have liberty. In all beliefs, we show grace.


First Light began in 2010 with a focus on sharing the gospel in Wilkes County by serving our local community. Each week, we meet in the Cafeteria at North Wilkes Middle School. We not only support the school system by renting the facilities each week but are also fortunate enough to have the ability to donate financially to the school system each year and assist in meeting the material needs of students in our community.

As we gather for worship each Sunday we celebrate the hope we have in Jesus that we carry into our community.

As primary teaching pastor, Steve speaks in an casual format. He and his wife, Phyllis, have a heart for the people of this community. Steve is passionate about living his life as a witness to the love of Jesus

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Steve Smith

We Believe

1. Scripture is true, authoritative and sufficient.

2. There is only one true God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, who eternally exists in three distinct persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

3. All things exist for the glory of God.

4. All Humanity, Jesus excluded, is sinful by action and birth.

5. The penalty for sin is God's wrath, physical and spiritual death.

6. Jesus Christ, God's eternal Son, was born of a virgin and is both fully God and fully human.

7. Jesus willfully died as the sacrificial substitute for the penalty of sin

8. Jesus physically rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven, and will one day physically return.

9. There will be a future physical resurrection of the dead. Those who turn from sin and trust in Jesus' provision will be raised to an eternal reward. Those who do not turn from sin and trust in Jesus' provision will be raised to an eternal punishment.

10. Only by faith in the work and person of Jesus and repentance from sin can one be reconciled to God and experience true life and joy

As a worship leader, Kirk leads us to focus on God's beauty through music. Along with his wife Kim, Kirk's team leads us in gospel centered worship each week.

Kirk Walker
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